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I offer 60 or 90 minute appointments in person or online to meet your scheduling needs. I also offer in office EMDR intensive sessions for clients that may be traveling from a Colorado location outside the Denver Metro area or who may need more intensive short term support. I work with clients to develop a treatment strategy that fits their unique needs and goals.


I am a Certified EMDR Consultant with over a decade of clinical experience working with clients who have symptoms of PTSD and Complex PTSD. There is real hope for effective treatment of these disruptions of the nervous system. I support clients using evidence-based practices that help them reconnect to themselves, their relationships, and to life. 


I offer 60 or 90 minute appointments in person or online for a variety of relationship configurations including couples, polyamorous, and consensually non-monogamous folks. I work with clients to develop practical strategies to navigate their most important relationships and move forward with more confidence, joy, and with greater intimacy. 


I support clients struggling with these common and life disrupting concerns with a variety of evidence based practices. I work with clients to develop collaborative treatment goals that help them re-engage in life. 


I am a PhD student in Clinical Sexology with Modern Sex Therapy Institutes and a member of the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists. My practice is inclusive of all sexual orientations, gender expressions, and relationships styles. My practice is also sex worker inclusive. I offer support and strategies to clients struggling with sexual challenges or exploring and expanding on their life journey. 


Grief and loss, divorce, pre-marriage, parenthood, new romantic partners, loss of partners, career changes, illnesses, and other life transitions can present unique challenges and opportunities for personal growth. I support my clients along their path of discernment and self discovery, offering tools to guide them inward to their own truth.  


My practice is kink-affirming and BDSM-affirming and aware. I welcome kinky clients along the spectrum of sexual expression. 


Knowing how to talk to your child or teen about sexual health and development can sometimes feel challenging. I offer parent coaching and resources tailored to the age and development of your child to promote healthy, shame free sexual health consistent with your parenting goals. 


I offer ADHD support and guidance for adolescents and adults seeking diagnosis, treatment, and coaching. I also offer referrals to psychiatrists and psychiatric nurse practitioners, when appropriate, for medication evaluations and management. 


I offer consultation services to other EMDR professionals interested in incorporating greater somatic focus and process orientation into their practice. 

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